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HI sweet friend! My name is Mariah Fortune and I am so glad you're reading this right now! I am a 26 year old photographer based out of sunny San Diego, California. Lover of all things yellow, chai lattes, the beach, avo toast, and dogs... but most importantly I love, love. I love, love so much that I want to be apart of your special day. Not only do I want to give each and every client photos they adore, but also to create friendships along the way. My goal is to be someone your comfortable with, and someone you can be yourself with. I want to capture all of your special moments. Whether it be your babies newborn photos, your wedding day, or you schedule a photoshoot just because I would love to capture these precious milestones. With that being said- Photography  helps capture special moments and allows you to relive them. I would love to help you turn your special moments into memories with the single click of a button.

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IMG_9273_Facetune_03-09-2021-03-41-02 2.HEIC
138A2714mariahfortunephoto 2
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